Solar Farms: Cultivating Generational Legacy

Soli Renew specializes in the solar markets of Maryland, Illinois, and Michigan in the United States. Our focus is primarily on project origination and development to meet the increasing demand for solar energy in these regions and to provide bankable projects to developers and IPPs. When identifying markets, we consider two crucial factors: the legislature's willingness to support renewable energy and the economic feasibility of the market.

With our extensive experience in developing solar and renewable energy projects both in the US and internationally, we are well-positioned to meet the requirements of long term asset owners. By leveraging our expertise and understanding of the industry, we ensure that these solar projects align perfectly with the asset owners' portfolio objectives and are financable.

At Soli Renew, we are driven by a strong commitment to sustainability and strive to create a cleaner and more decentralized energy landscape. By focusing on these select solar markets, we can maximize our impact and contribute significantly to the growth of renewable energy in the United States. 

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